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Comparison of internet access providers in Germany

These table collects information on German ISPs and net neutrality violations.
Resellers like 1&1 are not listed, peering policy according to PeeringDB.

ISP ASN real flatrate peering policy known violations real Dualstack
Deutsche Telekom AS3320 yes restrictive man-made bottlenecks [1] yes
Vodafone AS3209 yes selective
Telefonica/O2 AS6805 no (“Fair flat”) open
AS13184 (Hansenet) open
Versatel AS8881 selective
Kabel Deutschland AS31334 selective P2P-traffic [2]
Unitymedia AS6830 (LGI) restrictive no
QSC AS20676 selective
Inexio AS42652 yes unknown no
Tele Columbus AS20880 open
NetCologne AS8422 open
EWE TEL AS9145 open AS15943 selective
Deutsche Glasfaser AS60294 open
NetAachen AS9189 open AS8820 if desired open yes
Bitel yes ? ?
MNet AS8767 open


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