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Other Ideas

Here I collect some of my other crazy and not so crazy ideas and projects.

Comparison of Hackerspace Networks

Streamingbox with Webinterface for Icecast

During the last GoA, we had the problem that we wanted an audio livestream, but with Linux it's very ugly to configure ad-hoc. So the idea was born to let this job be done by a Raspberry Pi with an external sound card. The goal is to attach an audio signal via Line-In, Cinch or XLR, fill in some data required for icecast via a webinterface and just stream. The project is developed here.

Wo die Infrastruktur lebt

Inspired by Moritz Metz's radio project "Wo das Internet lebt", I started my own project called “Wo die Infrastruktur lebt”. It's not only focused on telco infrastructure, but also electricity and gas. You can find the photos here.

Webinterface and backend for IRR-Filtering in EdgeOS/Vyatta/Vyos

  • Webinterface for configuration of IRR-Filtering for multiple routers
  • small database, sqlite?
    • router –> peering –> in/out –> asn/as-set –> IPv4/IPv6 –> prefix-list-name → prefixes
  • generate prefix-lists with irrtoolset/rtconfig
  • updating prefix-lists every day/hour/minute/second
  • remote-install filters into routers via ssh
  • future support for Mikrotik RouterOS and bird?


Distributed e-book library

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