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 +====== Other Ideas ======
 +Here I collect some of my other crazy and not so crazy ideas and projects. Some of my newer ideas can also be found on my blog.
 +===== Comparison of Hackerspace Networks =====
 +[[projects:hackerspace_networks|Features of Hackerspace Networks]]
 +===== Streamingbox with Webinterface for Icecast =====
 +During the last [[|GoA]], we had the problem that we wanted an audio livestream, but with Linux it's very ugly to configure ad-hoc. So the idea was born to let this job be done by a Raspberry Pi with an external sound card. The goal is to attach an audio signal via Line-In, Cinch or XLR, fill in some data required for icecast via a webinterface and just stream. The project is developed [[|here]].
 +===== Wo die Infrastruktur lebt =====
 +Inspired by Moritz Metz's radio project [[|"Wo das Internet lebt"]], I started my own project called "Wo die Infrastruktur lebt". It's not only focused on telco infrastructure, but also electricity and gas. You can find the photos [[|here]].
 +===== OWL-IX =====
 +  * [[projects:owl-ix|owl-ix]]
 +===== Distributed e-book library =====
 +  * [[projects:library|e-book library]]
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