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Install additional packages in an BSDRP installation


Once you install BSDRP, FreeBSD ports repository is not enabled, the root-partition is read-only and /var is to small to download and extract the database.


  • make sure you have extended the data slice
  • mount / as rw: mount -uw /
  • extend /var and /etc via /conf/base/etc/md_size and /conf/base/var/md_size (122880 for 60MB)
  • mount / as ro: mount -ur /
  • reboot: If you are asked to save your config, choose “No”
  • enable the FreeBSD repo and disable the local repo in /usr/local/etc/pkg/repos/myrepo.conf
  • pkg update
  • for installing a package, you have to mount / writeable again: mount -uw /
  • now you can install your package: pkg install <package>
  • done!
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